Against the background of falling oil prices, shares of Russian
energy companies have sharply gone down. The price of “black gold”
began to fall amid fears of a second wave of infection by the coronavirus in the United States.

This writes the profile to the Telegram-channel “Gas-Priest”.

To stabilize them until help either restore
the Chinese economy, nor the efficiency of the transaction OPEC+ in June.

Against this background, the shares of oil companies of Russia
accelerated its decline.

In recent days Brent oil fell by 3.69% to
$37.57 per barrel.

In turn, the shares of the largest Russian oil
the company “Rosneft” have fallen in price by 3.79% to RUB 361,85, “LUKOIL” – on 3,28%,
to 5 174,5 rubles, “Gazprom” – on 2%, to RUB 192,8, NOVATEK – on 1,95%, to
1 047,6 RUB, “Surgutneftegaz” – on 1,24%, to 34.34 rubles.

Additional pressure on the market has threat
production increase by Saudi Arabia, whose authorities stated that from 1 July
prepare to loosen quotas.

Earlier, analysts reported that the global price of oil started falling after a long period of growth: reducing the cost of “black gold” provokes two major factors.

Prior to this it was noted that world oil prices after a long period of growth began to fall because of the situation in the United States, where they formed considerable reserves of raw materials.

Mark Voroshilov