The media learned the details of the negotiations of the pilot with Boeing Manager before the crash

KIEV. March 17. UNN. Passenger plane Boeing 737 MAX 8, crashed in Ethiopia, after takeoff scored outside the box at great speed. After that, the pilot told the Manager about the problems and asked permission for a quick recovery. Minutes later, the airliner disappeared from radar. This is with reference to a source familiar with the record of these negotiations, reports Reuters, reports UNN.

We are talking about the airliner that crashed in the vicinity of Addis Ababa on March 10, six minutes after takeoff. In the crash killed 157 people. The plane was heading to Nairobi.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, before the accident, before urgently request the opportunity to return to the departure airport, the voice from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 MAX asked the Manager permission to climb to 14 thousand feet (4,27 km) above sea level (approximately 6.4 thousand feet (1.95 km) above the airport). The speed of the aircraft when it reached 400 knots (460 miles per hour or 643,6 km/h), standard speed after departure usually around 200-250 knots (370,4–463 km/h).

Then at the height of 10.8 thousand feet (3.29 km), the plane disappeared from radar, the source said.

“He (pilot) said that he had problems with the flight controls. That’s why he wanted to climb”, — said the source Reuters. The voice of the pilot, he said, was uneven, details about the problem, he said no

The New York Times notes that the voice on the recording was the voice of the aircraft commander Jared Getachew. Reuters has neither confirmed this information, having noticed only that the Manager spoke only one of the pilots.

Experts, according to the Agency, explain that, as a rule, the pilots asked permission to climb when they have problems at the earth’s surface. Thus they expect to get stock for maneuver and to avoid approaching difficult terrain (Addis Ababa, is surrounded by hills, and on the North by the mountains of Entoto).

Remember, the experts investigating the circumstances of the accident passenger Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airline, has successfully seized the data of one of the flight recorders found at the crash site.