The pilot crashed in the vicinity of Addis Ababa passenger plane before the crash, had requested permission for a fast climb.
Part of the engine of the crashed Boeing 737 MAX 8 / REUTERSПотерпевший crash in Ethiopia passenger plane Boeing 737 MAX 8 after takeoff scored outside the box at great speed.

After that, the pilot told the Manager about the problems and asked permission for a quick recovery. Minutes later, the airliner disappeared from radar.

About it reports Reuters, citing a source familiar with the record of these negotiations, RBC.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, before the accident, before urgently request the opportunity to return to the departure airport, the voice from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 MAX asked the Manager permission to climb to 14 thousand feet (4,27 km) above sea level (approximately 6.4 thousand feet (1.95 km) above the airport). The speed of the aircraft when it reached 400 knots (460 miles per hour or 643,6 km/h), standard speed after departure usually around 200-250 knots (370,4–463 km/h).

Tauopathies have read for two minutes a man sat down in the plane that crashed in Ethiopia

Then at the height of 10.8 feet (3.29 km), the plane disappeared from radar, the source said.

“He [the pilot] said that he had problems with the flight controls. That’s why he wanted to climb”, – said the source Reuters. The voice of the pilot, he said, was “uneven”, the details about this issue, he said.

The New York Times notes that the voice on the recording was the voice of the aircraft commander Jared Getachew. Reuters has neither confirmed this information, having noticed only that the Manager spoke only one of the pilots.

Examine the black boxes of the cockpit, investigators began March 16. Help in deciphering the flight recorders of Addis Ababa requested at Paris, March 14, the black boxes were sent to France.

We will remind, on March 10, Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airline crashed in Africa. Killed 157 people.

This is the second aircraft model Boeing 737 MAX 8, which crashed over the past four months: at the end of October in the crash off the coast of the island of Java, killing 189 people.

A number of countries have closed their airspace to aircraft of this model. In particular, since March 12, Europe has closed the sky for all Boeing 737 MAX.