Berlusconi commented on the death of a witness in his case

KIEV. March 17. UNN. Former Prime Minister of Italy and leader of the party “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi said he was not familiar with the Moroccan dancer Iman Fadil one of the witnesses in his case. So he responded to the request of journalists to comment on the death of the woman, informs television channel Rai, reports UNN.

“It’s always a shame when the young die, ‘ said Berlusconi. I never knew the man and didn’t talk to her.”

The former Prime Minister added that read Fadil and considered them “absurd and fictional”.

According to preliminary data of the Italian Prosecutor’s office, the cause of death of Iman Fadil poisoning became “a mixture of radioactive substances”. As reported by La Repubblica, one of the components of the mixture is an isotope of cobalt. On January 29, the woman was hospitalized, the doctors said that she had symptoms of organ failure and Fadil was in great pain. March 1 a woman died.

Iman Fadil is one of the key witnesses in the so-called ruby, which got its name because of the nicknames underage prostitute Karima al-Marug. For the relationship with her Berlusconi in 2013, received seven years in prison. The following year, the protection policy has achieved cancellation of a sentence, but the Prosecutor’s office began a new investigation. Ex-Premier accused of bribing witnesses for perjury.

According to media reports, soon Fadil had to testify that Berlusconi had paid hush money to women who worked at parties in his Villa. According to the Prosecutor of Milan, Fadil feared for his life and told the lawyers and their loved ones that it can poison.

As reported by UNN, in Italy are investigating the murder of the chief witness in the case of Berlusconi on prostitution.