For several days in Odessa seriously say that the match “Chernomorets” – “the Arsenal” on Sunday may not happen.

The occasion was the review Director for the operation of the sports facilities of the Odessa club Sergei Sivolap reporting unexpected heating problems.


from Odessa

“For two weeks we tried unsuccessfully to get the heat to the stadium – quoted Director of sports and not just Internet sites. – Moreover, the delay unreasonable. Debts for heating in the stadium there. We can’t get a clear answer from Gorteploseti and, unfortunately, forced to admit the fact: if the heat is not served, the match will have to cancel. After all, the health of athletes, fans and spectators are paramount to us…”

According to Sivolap, in the beginning of the week was to meet with the leadership of the municipal enterprise “Heat supply of Odessa city”, but was cancelled due to the absence of the chief and his Deputy.

What has changed since then, and will there be a match? With this question “SE” appealed yesterday to Sergey Sivolap.

– While the match in question, – he answered. – Do not give heat. What motivates? Yes, nothing. Responsible for the supply of heat refuse to communicate with us. Make an appointment in Gorteploseti, we arrived at the appointed time, however, leadership, which in this day should have visitors, was not there.

All gone, no one says anything. It seems, from meeting us just shy away.

– What do you see out?

– If until Friday morning the heating will not include us in the same day or on Saturday will have to officially announce that the match will not take place. We will take a decision today or tomorrow with the participation of General Director of the club. You need to approach this issue carefully – most importantly, the situation was not to the detriment of the people. The expected temperature drop, and freeze people and children would not like.

– Move the game to another stadium or on the field the opponent is impossible?

– No. After all, it is not our fault. To understand who is guilty will have then.

– Problems with the heating, the Premier League notified?

– Yes, we expressed our situation. As far as I know, the FDA has sent a letter to Gorteploseti, but received no response. I hope common sense will prevail and the problem will be solved.

Meanwhile, at the stadium ticket office continues launched ten days before the match the ticket. Perhaps those who have already purchased them, you will have to save “tickets” to the next home match “Chernomorets”. This is despite the fact that many fans are delayed tickets are already available in the match against Zorya, which was closed for spectators by the decision of the club management. It was alleged that law enforcement agencies cannot ensure order at the stadium.

Then, it was announced that sold the tickets will be valid for the match with Arsenal, but now to predict whether there will be a need to extend that promise until 8 December (the day “Chernomorets” accepts “the Vorskla”), it is difficult.

Fans reacted predictably. Many reacted to the information about problems with heat with disbelief, expressing the assumption that the club is again looking for a way to protect themselves from the angry fans.

Social networks are full of comments that the stadium early and there was no heat, and the first home match of spring part of season-2017/18 against FC Karpaty Lviv on February 24 and is held in the cold under the snow…

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