The head of the NBU’s priorities in office: credit, macro stability, reducing “bad portfolios”

Kirill Shevchenko

KIEV. July 20. UNN. The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kirill Shevchenko called four priorities in office. He said this at a briefing on Monday, reports the correspondent of UNN.

“I have a clear vision of how to develop the banking and financial sector in the coming years. My course is based on four key priorities. The first is a real credit restoration”, – said Shevchenko.

According to him, for the Ukrainian economy, “which today is in a state of crisis, caused by a virus, as important resources and support of the banking sector”.

“Our common goal with the Government to prepare the banking system for lending to important projects that will give impetus to the economy. Today the banks have enough liquidity, enough cash in order to start large-scale lending. The second priority is the reduction of bad portfolios in banks”, – said the head of the national Bank.

He noted that until recently was Chairman of the state Bank, which “has the least bad loan portfolios”, so he knows how “to do it, not the words.”

“Third priority – conservation of macro-financial stability. The macro stability is unconditional achievement of the last 5 years. It is the Foundation for a healthy economy. It will not have the unhealthy inflation. Monetary policy will remain balanced,” – said Shevchenko.

At the same time, he stressed that monetary policy should contribute to economic growth.

“The fourth priority is the continuation and deepening of cooperation with our international partners. It’s one of my priority. I’ve been doing this since the first day, i.e. today. As well as the independence of the national Bank, constructive relations with international financial institutions, the international community should support”, he added.

We will remind, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky today officially introduced the new head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kirill Shevchenko and assured that he is a professional, courageous and responsible person.