Today the national currency of Ukraine again rose
against the dollar and the Euro. National Bank set the official hryvnia exchange rate to
foreign currencies on may 8, reports Диалог.UA.

The hryvnia started to win the position of the American
dollar: today the Ukrainian currency is UAH of 26.82/$ (up 11 cents).

Against the Euro the hryvnia has grown even more – by 19
cents: from 29.10 UAH/€ to 28.91 UAH/€.

The exchange rate of the hryvnia to the Russian ruble decreased from 3.60
UAH for 10 rubles – to 3.64 UAH for 10 rubles.

As previously reported, on may 7, the Ukrainian national
the currency also continued to strengthen, weakening the position of “green” and the Euro.

Over the past month, the hryvnia has managed to win 70 dollar
cents. Financial analysts note that the enhancement occurs in anticipation of the continuation
of cooperation between Kyiv and the IMF and the emergency cancellation of quarantine.

However, the dollar cannot fall forever, and soon
it may again “show your teeth” and start to gain weight. Moreover, it
the cost reduction impact of remittances in Ukraine, the budget deficit,
the reduced demand for exported goods, etc.

Earlier, economist Irina Khakamada warned that the world
the crisis may indeed lead to some weakening of the Euro, but the dollar
will be able to resist and not to take positions. As for the ruble, it is fully
dependent on oil prices, and forecasts on the fuel market today to do almost