In the Donbass in the evening on may 26 there was a serious escalation. One Ukrainian soldier was killed in the attack hybrid Russian army.

On the escalation in the Donbass, reported the press service of the headquarters Operations of joint forces on his official page in Facebook, reports Диалог.UA.

On what specific part of the front escalated, the headquarters said. It is only known that the militants of the “L/DNR” is unleashed on the APU fire from heavy machine guns and small arms. Probably the military “worked” the enemy sniper.

In the attack, according to the headquarters of OOS, one Ukrainian military was lost. He died on the spot due to bullet wounds, incompatible with life.

The APU stressed that “will not leave unpunished” the death of a soldier, and promised “punishment” militants “L/DNR”.

It is worth noting that after the failure of negotiations of the Tripartite liaison group occupying power “L/DND” led mode “the highest alert” a hybrid army of Russia. They did it synchronously.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Putin has reacted to the increasing military activity at the front.

It was also reported that the “LNR” announced the nomination of tanks to the front lines and willingness to “March”.

And recently Tsaplienko showed a video of accurate fire strike fighters APU on the positions of the mercenaries in the Donbas.