The former speaker of the “people’s militia” unrecognized “LNR” Andrey Marochko appeared insurmountable difficulties with spelling. He once again publicly embarrass.

The attention the incident drew Twitter blogger Necro Mancer that monitors Network messages about the war in the Donbass, reports Диалог.UA.

Marochko tried Twitter to write about what APU Donbass allegedly became “stiff”. However, this word was not given to the former speaker of the “LC”. Three times he corrected your message and stopped on a variant in which this word has two errors.

In addition, “the Colonel” wrote the phrase “whether” together, which is a gross mistake.

Necro Mancer called the confusion “torments of creativity”. Its members also make fun of former speaker of the militants “LNR”.

“What Toll? The intrigue, however, ” Marochko all my life I believed that the phrase “more is coming” is about some roofing”, “Andryukha lights”, “then I realized that “Russian-speaking Donbass” under reliable protection” – write to the Network.

Earlier Диалог.UA showed the video as the speaker of the militants “LNR” Marochko gave himself live TV – host was taken aback.

We also wrote that the officer APU Stefan potrollit speaker militants “LC” Marochko gathered on a tank in Kiev. This greatly angered “the Colonel”.

It was reported that the lesson of oratory from the “speaker” of the militants “LNR” laugh of the social network.