If he’s still alive, Kim Jong-UN? Newspaper the Daily Mail talked about the “wild theories” that the leader of North Korea could really die, but instead the public was released double.

State media of the DPRK on may 2 published a photo of Kim Jong-UN at the opening ceremony of a plant for the production of fertilizers on the outskirts of Pyongyang. It was his first public appearance since April 11.

Photo has caused a stir among the conspiracy theorists worldwide, who immediately rushed to carefully examine them. Some Internet detectives came to the conclusion that the depicted man is not Kim Jong-UN and his double.

The ears and teeth of a 36-year-old North Korean leader was at the center of attention. Many began to compare old photos of Kim Jong-UN with those published by state-run media recently. And soon found the first item, which is “confirmed” conspiracy theories: “strange” teeth “of the new” head of North Korea.

British politician, a supporter of conspiracy theories Louisa straight ahead, Ben wrote on Twitter: “the teeth, the lips, the rest. All completely different!

It is worth noting that an old photo, which is straight ahead, Ben compares teeth “resurrected” Kim Jong-UN is likely to be a fake. At least it never printed media of the DPRK.

We found another photo with Kim Jong Inom. And there dentition differs from that shown in the photo of Mrs. straight ahead, Ben.

A quick look at the image, released Korean propaganda machine would have shown that his image with crooked teeth is a roughly edited version of one of the officially published photos.

Developing the topic, Ms. straight ahead, Ben says: “This is not the man. But not going to argue… These two are not one and the same person“.

With regard to the auricle of Kim Jong-UN, the difference here is even smaller. It can be assumed that he previously could do a surgery to change the shape of the ears. But some of the comparisons used images of North Korean leader a decade ago. And since then, due to obesity, the structure of his face changed.

Blogger Jennifer Zeng shared numerous photos which became popular on the Internet.

She wrote on Twitter: “Is Kim Jong-UN, who appeared in public on 1 may, present? 4 things you need to watch: 1. Teeth 2. The ears 3. Hair 4. Sister.”

Zeng also shared a photograph of the selected point on the wrist Kim. According to experts, it can be a trace after the operation, which he allegedly suffered during his long absence.

Recently, North Korean media have published photos of a smiling and Smoking a cigarette, Kim Jong-UN at the opening ceremony of a plant for the production of fertilizers.

It was last seen in public on April 11, when he presided at a meeting of the ruling workers ‘ party in Pyongyang.

15 APR he for some unknown reason, missed the celebration of the Day of the Sun, where he honored his grandfather Kim Il-sung, founder of North Korea and father of Kim Jong Il.

His unprecedented absence sparked a wave of speculation about his health, especially against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus. It is known that Kim Jong-UN, is prone to overeating and Smoking, which increased the chances of severe outcome when infected. But on Friday, may 1, the dictator has dispelled all the rumors with a public appearance.

In his speech at the plant fertilizer Kim Jong-UN said that the plant has made a significant contribution to the development of the chemical industry and food production, as reported by the state media.

Medical experts say that the version of his operation proves not only a mark on the wrist, which may be wounds from the needles, but the fact that it carried on halthcare.

It is noteworthy that Kim Jong-UN also used Golf car for transportation in 2014 when she appeared in public with a cane.

US President, Donald trump has refused to comment on speculation about the reasons for the absence of Kim Jong-UN: “We will have something to say about it at the right time”.

Translation version “Диалог.UA” section of the new York times