The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic tomáš Petricek said that the Czech side suggested that the Russian foreign Ministry in the spirit of the bilateral Agreement of cooperation from 1993 to discuss the situation in the relationship, including disputes about the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev.

  • Reuters

About it as transfers RIA Novosti, Petricek said in a speech before deputies of the Czech Parliament.

“The politicization of these topics can be counterproductive. Please, give full play to diplomacy,” he said.

He also said that the treatment in the form of notes with a sentence about the consultation was sent to Russia for the first time, the Treaty on cooperation and friendship, signed in 1993.

In turn, the Russian Embassy in Prague has confirmed the receipt of the relevant request from the Czech foreign Ministry.

“The Russian Embassy in Prague will confirm the receipt of this appeal the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, which accordingly passed to the MFA of Russia”, — said the representative of the Embassy.

April 3 in Prague was dismantled a monument to Marshal Konev. The Russian foreign Ministry has promised that this action will not remain unanswered.

Later, Czech authorities declared readiness to negotiate with Moscow on the transfer of the monument to Konev.