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The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said the country had “avoided the worst” in connection with the epidemic coronavirus infection

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The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said the country had “avoided the worst” in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus infection. In the past few days in New Zealand identifies only few new cases of infection. In total, the country recorded 1469 cases, died 19 people.

According to Ardern, the country managed to stop the uncontrolled spread of infection. Specialists can track the source of each new infection and all infected contacts and keep the spread of the coronavirus under control, according to radio “Freedom”.

New Zealand has introduced restrictive measures at the beginning of the epidemic. The first of the sick in the country identified on February 28 and March 14 infected was already six.

Authorities quickly closed the border, imposed a strict two-week quarantine for all returning from abroad (at the time it was one of the most stringent border restrictions in the world), was closed for visits to public places, cafes and restaurants (they were forbidden even to work-out or via delivery service). March 20 foreigners denied entry into the country.

March 23, when there were 102 confirmed cases of infection and no cases of death from coronavirus, Jacinda Ardern announced that the country introduces a third level of isolation. Were closed many businesses and canceled public events and meetings, closed schools.

At midnight on March 25, the country switched to the complete isolation of the 4-th level, reports CNN. Actually the people were forbidden to leave the house, but they could even do physical exercises on the street, but to do it beside his house and keeping a social distance of two meters.

At the same time it organized a mass testing of the population. All were executed 123 thousand 920 test despite the fact that the number of new Zealanders – less than 5 million people. Monday Jacinda Ardern said New Zealand has one of the highest testing rates per capita in the world, having the ability to handle up to 8 thousand tests per day.

April 9, despite the decline in the number of infections, Ardern tightened border restrictions: all citizens and residents arriving in New Zealand, had to spend two weeks in quarantine in a special facility and not at home. Thanks to all these measures New Zealand actually managed to prevent an epidemic.

On Monday New Zealand removed the restrictions. However, the full resumption of economic activities it is not, and in public life will remain limitations. However, resume companies, firms and even schools. However, it is necessary to respect the social distance of two meters. Employees are still encouraged to work remotely if possible.

New Zealand was among the countries where the spread of infection almost managed to stop, along with South Korea, Vietnam, Australia and the China, where in recent days been only three new cases of infection.