The court arrested the driver, who drove in a carnival procession in Germany

KIEV. 26 Feb. UNN. The driver of the car who committed the hit a crowd of people during carnival in the German city of Volkmarsen, placed into custody. This decision was made by the court in Kassel, announced on Tuesday evening, February 25, the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am main, reports UNN based on data from Reuters and the publication of DW.

As noted, a man suspected of attempted murder, causing dangerous bodily harm and dangerous interference in road traffic.

According to the latest data, the number of injured in the incident rose to 61 people, among them 20 children. Age of victims — from two to 85 years.

The driver of the car that drove into a crowd on February 24, was 29-the summer inhabitant of Volkmarsen. As a result of collision he also suffered. According to the audit, during the incident the driver was not intoxicated. Data indicating whether or not the driver of the vehicle under the influence of drugs, yet, announced the day of 25 February, the representative of the Prosecutor General of Frankfurt am main. The motives of men is still not known. His health does not allow for the questioning, said the representative of the attorney General.

The police said that based on the fact that the driver has made arrival on carnival intentionally. However, reason to believe that these actions were politically motivated, at that time was not.

According to witnesses, the car drove about 30 meters before stopped. The driver, according to preliminary data, after hitting continued to press on the gas pedal. At the same time he was not in the list known to the police of extremists.