Russia recently fell large economic
and political difficulties that will eventually lead to its collapse. With this
view was expressed by national security Council Secretary Alexey Danilov and noted that it is necessary to be
ready. He is confident that Russia’s President Putin deliberately
selects an external enemy to distract Russians from the real problems. He said this

According to Danilova, Russian first chose an external enemy
Georgia, then Ukraine, next will be someone else.

However, it does not solve its internal religious problems
complicated relationship with China or demographic questions.

The NSDC Secretary said that in Russia everything will depend on
prices for oil and gas, as well as the impact of the coronavirus in China.

Also Danilov not sure that Russia will survive the race
Arctic shelf, which is starting soon.

Dmitry Gordon in responses to questions from his followers
on the YouTube channel talked about what region of Russia can begin
the collapse of the state. According to him, Dagestan, Chechnya and Tatarstan are the most
risky regions on the map of Russia, which can detonate and lead to the collapse of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Senate Democrats call
The state Department and the Ministry of Finance to impose personal sanctions against President of Russia Vladimir Putin and large enterprises in the country due to possible
RF interference in elections.

The Russian President believes that the former leaders of Ukraine due to
the money issue did everything they could to embroil the two countries, and brought to
in order to weaken the competitive advantages of both countries.