The Bulgarian State Agency for national security (DANS) said “major success” combating intelligence activities of Russian diplomats, as well as a ban on entry into Bulgaria General Leonid Reshetnikov and businessman Konstantin Malofeev for a period of 10 years, the Agency BGNES, citing annual report of DANS.

“After receiving information DANS carried out a complex of actions for suppression of targeted ad hoc attempts to obtain secret information related to the operation of state law enforcement agencies, from the diplomats of the Embassy of Russia”, – the report says. Because of his activities incompatible with the status of a diplomat, he was declared persona non grata and he was denied entry into the country for 10 years.

The Bulgarian authorities also refused to issue visas to another Russian diplomat, who was to hold the office of the military attaché of Russia. According to the Bulgarian foreign Ministry and DANS, he “is a potential threat to the national security of Bulgaria”.

In addition, in 2019, the head of DANS was denied entry to Bulgaria for five years, three foreigners, two of whom were denied permission to stay in the country because of the activities that pose risks to national security. For the same reasons five foreigners included in the list of undesirable for a country with a ban to enter Bulgaria for 10 years, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

The head of the holding “Tsargrad” and the Chairman of the society “double eagle” Konstantin Malofeev, as well as former Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Leonid Reshetnikov, Vice-President of the “double eagle” and Lieutenant General of the reserve of the foreign intelligence Service, the entry to Bulgaria was banned in September 2019. Simultaneously a criminal case was initiated against the Chairman of the Bulgarian National movement “Russophiles” Nicholas crimson.

Prosecutors said that through financing activities that affect the national security of Bulgaria and represent an attempt of purposeful influence on its foreign policy. According to investigators, the crimson received money from the Russian Institute of strategic studies and society the “double-Headed eagle.”

Add Malofeev is one of the key figures responsible for Russian expansion in Europe, in particular the “hybrid war” in Ukraine. He is considered a “sponsor” of the Pro-Russian militias fighting under the flags of DNR and LNR, although he Malofeev claimed to be acting on purely humanitarian grounds. The billionaire has also supported the idea of joining Russia is not only Crimea, but Eastern Ukraine. For involvement in aggression in Ukraine, Malofeev has included in the sanctions list.