The national Bank is the only government system that exists
reformed into independent position. Stable dollar, which
persisted in spite of various negative economic trends, is one of the

On his page in Facebook presenter Yanina Sokolova wrote that the dismissal of the NBU Governor Smoliy –
indeed the result of political pressure.

According to her, after the receipt of donor funds from the European Union,
The world Bank and the IMF tranche “keep face” in front of the world
creditors, demonstrating the independence and reform of the NBU for the Office of the President
there was no sense.

“Therefore undertook their own interests.

The urge to issue (printing money), lack of desire re-election
the present deputies, who actually kissed the reform
system to replace their “reliable” … and will remind You of
Kolomoisky And his desire to receive compensation from the Bank for the lost

Namely, the NBU is required in 2019 from Kolomoisky to return to the state $ 5.5 billion
derived from Private to nationalization,” wrote Sokolov.

As previously reported, July 1, head of the national Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy wrote a public statement about his resignation. The reason for the unexpected decision, the official
called “systematic political pressure.”

Today, the media appeared the first data on possible successors Smoliy. Though
the fact that Parliament has not yet voted for his resignation, the Parliament has already started
to discuss the new candidates.

Today, amid the personnel rotations in the NBU, the dollar in Ukraine went up.

Julia Bulyga