The anarchists staged an explosion at a cemetery in Buenos Aires

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KIEV. 15 Nov. UNN. The explosion occurred on Wednesday in the mausoleum of the former head of the Argentine police Ramon Falcon on Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires. As Chairman of the System for emergency medical assistance of Buenos Aires Alberto Crescenti, as a result of the incident injured the woman, reports UNN citing local newspaper La Nacion.

“Her condition is serious. There is a risk to life, it is connected to the ventilator,” said Cresanti the channel Todo Noticias.

According to the channel, the victim wanted to leave the IED in a mausoleum. Police arrested the man accompanying her.

Inside the mausoleum was discovered the slogans of the anarchists. Now experts check the cemetery for other explosive devices.

Ramon Falcon was appointed chief of police in 1906. Under his leadership, law enforcement agencies repeatedly used force to quell protests, which led to casualties. 14 Nov 1909, the young anarchist threw a bomb at it. From the received wounds the Falcon died.