The famous Russian heavy motorcycles “Ural” are very popular in the United States. Through this was born the joint project of the Irbit motorcycle factory, and American manufacturer Zero Motorcycles to create the first electric version of “Ural”.

New motorcycle designed in the traditional for “Ural” diagram – rear drive wheel side stroller that complements the motor, battery and onboard electronics from Zero Motorcycles.

Engine power 60 HP weight – 373 lbs. the Presence of the stroller allows you to place more batteries, which is very well compensated for by a solid mass of the motorcycle and significant aerodynamic drag. Armed with the “Ural” two Zero battery capacity of 13 and 6.5 kW/h enough for 165 kilometers at a maximum speed of 140 km/h. manufacturers Recommended speed limit – 100 km/h.

In plans of partners yet has no intention of starting electric “Ural” production. However, if the new product will be required, it can be established within two years.

Source — Ural