USS Kidd

Photo by Joe Kane / us Navy / DVIDS

On Board the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Kidd have identified at least 18 cases of coronavirus, reports “Interfax” with reference to CNN.

The Pentagon confirmed that the ship is more than one sailor sick with coronavirus. All on Board the ship is about 330 crew members. USS Kidd participates in the mission to fight against drugs in the Caribbean.
“They are preparing to return to port… part of the crew will descend on the land. When everything will be okay, the ship is out to sea,” – said the representative of the Pentagon.

According to him, the brigade of military physicians of the eight flew to the ship.

USS Kidd was the second American ship suffered from an outbreak COVID-19 at the time, as he was at sea.

23 APR DIN of the crew members was taken away from the Board for medical reasons. The results of testing the seaman for coronavirus was positive, this was followed by checking the rest of the crew.

A large-scale outbreak of the disease was recorded earlier on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. At the end of March due to the outbreak of coronavirus aboard the aircraft carrier was urgently sent to the base on the island of GUAM in the Western Pacific ocean. Currently sick already 840 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Currently, the cases of coronavirus recorded in 26 military US Navy ships located in ports and shipyards. Another 14 ships have been cases COVID-19, but patients have recovered.