The world has had a fascination with a conceptual electric vehicles – from a hobby large corporations, this phenomenon transformed into a new, comprehensive industry. Alternative electric propulsion is simply no, because the standards of emissions will only become tougher, and the carbon market is reeling because of political conflicts.

One problem is humanity does not have the technology to create a mass market electric vehicle with acceptable performance. Need a cheap, simple and reliable engine, from the appearance which everybody will benefit. And his appearance will require “technological synergy” suppliers and manufacturers that plan to implement Hitachi and Honda.

The companies signed a Memorandum of understanding and launched a joint project with the think tank in Japan, based on production capacity in China and the primary market in the United States. Its budget of 5 billion yen ($44.7 million), 51 % of the assets will be controlled by the representatives of Hitachi. The name endeavour has been kept secret.

However, there is concern that the new technological revolution will never happen. Despite the loud statements, the two Japanese companies plan to devote to the development of joint know-how all the forces, and will continue in parallel to their own projects. And many of them, as the Treaty of Honda and GM to develop hydrogen fuel cells, have a much larger budget and commercial weight.