We recognize that smoke the sky irresponsible but to give up the transport with internal combustion engines can not. Moreover, some enterprising minds consider car exhaust, as a free and abundant source of useful raw materials – carbon. Just then need to fasten the pipe to the filter collection and figure out how to process what it gets.

The problem is that this thick and greasy soot saturated with heavy metals and other chemical compounds from the category of carcinogens. What’s the point to carry dangerous dirt from one place to another? In Singapore, the company Graviky Labs has developed KAALINK a nozzle on the exhaust pipe, which collects up to 95% of solid particles, filters and compresses them into a rich carbon powder.

In fact, it is ready toner or when added to liquid ink radical black. Absolutely harmless to health, according to the authors of a startup, but in extremely small quantities. Hours of operation car engine transformirovalsya in a few milliliters of the substance ready – so it is more valuable and more interesting. And so from an economic point of view for industrial processing emissions technology virtually useless.

But fans of conceptual art will be able to contribute to the protection of the environment and at the same time to provide an exclusive resource for painting or screen printing. The startup is called AirInk, in dire need of funding and is already on Kickstarter.