Imagine that one day your house will drive the robot courier with goods from the store, and it will meet two-legged home robot that will hand over the parcel to you. This scenario was guided by the scientist-robotics from the University of Oregon and the Director of technology for Agility Robotics Jonathan Hurst when creating stroyoptorg biped robot Cassie.

Cassie – is not the ultimate option. He’s only a platform that can be used by other robotic companies and research institutions to develop production models of domestic robots.

When creating Cassie was used in the base layers from its predecessor, the robot ATRIAS. Hurst and his colleagues fixed some problems with the engines, added the steering, the feet and made it fully sealed, to be able to work outdoors without fear of rain.

In addition, Cassie compared to its predecessor by almost half “lost”. The similarity with an ostrich is not the objective. Just the scientists came to the conclusion that the bird’s feet have good flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

Currently working to launch it in limited production in Albany, Oregon. As output growth will be an all-new model.