Valery LOBANOVSKY – the senior trainer of “Dnepr”. Photo from archive “SE”

50 years ago, in October of 1968 ended the game and launched the coaching career of the future master. Only 29 when he was…

Among the round and not really dates, “Dnepr”, as noted in the last issue of “SE” before, something got forgotten.

Yes, 35 and 30 years ago “Dnepr” became the champion, recently celebrated the centennial. Valery Lobanovsky 45 years ago took the reins of Dynamo, but half a century ago, assumed the leadership of “Dnepr”…


Kiev’s career started in Dinamo, continued in “Chernomorets”, and ended in Shakhtar. Not converged Valery characters with the then coach of the miners Oleg Oshenkov. Interestingly, later Lobanovsky perfectly gel with the son of Oleg Alexandrovich Mikhail Oshemkov, in charge at Dynamo for foreign information and not only.

Once part with a great football, for someone to arrange a farewell match. Lobanovsky went wrong, leaving a noticeable trace in the Soviet press of the time. The decision of the striker to hang up my boots caused a considerable resonance in the fan community.

What’s interesting: Valery Vasilyevich, in his book “Endless match” about the events of that year wrote very sparingly, almost limited to reprint quotations from their notes Valery Berezovsky, the “Soviet sport” for July 26, 1968.


Here is the snippet:

“And at that time I was playing. Two years at Chornomorets, a half – until July 1968 – at Shakhtar. Kiev “Dynamo” we managed to beat only once, in the second round in Donetsk – 2:1.

I said to myself: “Enough!” We do not agree with the then head Shakhtar Oleh Oleksandrovych Oshenkov, and being the team captain already looking a lot masłowska bell could not play football, which cultivated the Donetsk club.

In “Soviet sport” at the end of July there was a note “the Player out…” in which the author acknowledged that we both equally love the fact that the same painful experience failure, but everyone understands football differently and their point of view considers the only.

The note was accompanied by monologues:

Player: “I’m not satisfied with the situation in the team. To play the way we play now. I am sickened by the anti-football. And then, what are we playing, and is called anti-football. Not in the narrow sense – in broad sense of the word. Because relying on luck, on the case in modern football it is impossible. Need to find a clear dividing line between attack and defense, no neglecting. It is necessary to create an ensemble, a group of associates, subordinates one game idea. I have long been told, let someone be hurt to hear that our team wrong selection of players.

And again, player should be respected. You can’t expect people to smile when he’s down to a sick man pretended like he was healthy. I don’t want to try his luck in other teams – I’m not playing anymore…”

Coach: “we Need to be happy with what you have. Need to force myself to step on a throat to an own song for the interests of the collective, become your mother. We play such football what it is and we can play. I also would love to have on your team of all stars in the world… we Must set an example to young, not to infect them with your mood. Need to be a fighter.”

About me happened about this opinion: a good player, but the kicker – the “Dynamo”, after an argument with the coach, asked, from Shakhtar, not rabotavshie with a mentor, he left…

I really wasn’t going to play anymore, though, and was invited to 29 years old by the standards not age. But not only to play. I was going to remove myself from football, to forget, to leave, to do business – I have a serious specialty! who studied, and even not to read anything more about football.”


Note that she was not the only one. In my archive there is another. Earlier someone Sanin wrote at the request of the owner of Donbass (it was then the first Secretary of Donetsk regional Committee of party Vladimir Degtyarev, which “Shakhtar” presented the situation in the right light) style is not the 1960s, and where the earlier years of the article, “What happened with lobanovskyi”.

First offered a legendary Brand Levitsky, but the anger refused. And Sanin in his lampoon of how I joined the companions, who spoke at the team meeting of Communists and Komsomol members, “miner”, speech liberally quoted.

They “stigmatize” the striker, who after the match with the Moscow “Dynamo” (July 14) “… the coaches rightly pointed out that the admission of mistakes”.

“He would listen to the comments – Sanin writes, – to make conclusions for themselves. He hit the ambition:

– Why are you all talking about? I know how I play. And all your tactics to me – passed stage. I’m not going to adapt under it…

In the next match with the Moscow CSKA and Dynamo refused to play. As was demonstrated in the team meeting, Lobanovsky did not think to reconsider its attitude to the team.

With feigned aplomb, without a hint of remorse left Valery in the faces of the comrades:

– Football with me. More to play never going anywhere. Enough!

…He did not appreciate this unconditional love and repay her with ingratitude”.

In short, Sanin walked on the football player heartily, adding in summary, the “collective opinion”: “I Remembered him playing indiscipline, disregard for the coach’s instructions, noted for its arrogant attitude to younger players, a violation of the sport mode…”

In a very different tone written the aforementioned note, “the Player goes…” Citing the statements of the captain and the head coach, Valery Berezovsky genuinely worried about the future of Dynamo:

“I know, player in 29 years, but still like Lobanovskiy, abilities, and professional attitude to the game which is well-known, to leave football. Because football and the Dynamo haven’t given each other everything they could. Because Lobanovsky owe it to everyone who loves football”.

How right he was…


And in our great Donetsk goalkeeper Yuriy Degterev, a lot played for the USSR national team, talked about the Dynamo:

“Professional to the core. For each match he was prepared individually, according to their schedule, and with it Bazilevich. Their status was already in football is that they can show their “I”. For this, incidentally, is escorted from Kiev.

Shakhtar forward has actually been a player-coach, gave advice to the head coach Oshenkov, what to do in any given situation, began to constantly interfere in the coaching process. Suggested tactics on the installation.

Loban began a tirade, and Download had to extinguish the passion between a friend and Oshenkov. The coach explained to the management that it cannot continue. Said – or let Loban already coaches, or going. Loban called the game “Shakhtar” anti-football, claimed that the team wrong selection of players. The heat of the moment and retired from football…”

By the way, Degterev and appeared in the Shakhtar’s first team at the end of 1967 with the filing of just first match. “Flew” all the big goalkeepers of the team, the club needed to look for a goalkeeper on the side, But the Dynamo has insisted that the goalkeeper was entrusted to 18-year-old then Yuri. “Miner” has beaten CSKA – 2:1. Degtyarev defended securely, the Dynamo scored two goals.

And then events developed as follows: July 23, 1968 “miner” played with Kiev “Dynamo” in the 1/8 finals of the USSR Cup without the first match and won 1:0. The only goal was scored by 20-year-old Valeriy Yaremchenko. Four days later, again in Donetsk, the Kiev took revenge in the championship match of the country – 3:2. Then no one owes nothing to prove.

But Lobanovsky, as predicted by its namesake – journalist Berezovsky, who in November of 1968 was supported by the “Soviet sport” in the article “On the “creative conflict” and the letters following” Dmitry Ryzhkov, a football really broke up. In the same year, the Director of the southern machine-building plant Alexander Makarov invited him to work in the “Dnepr”, where he began the coaching career of Valery Vasilyevich…


Said that Leonidas of Rhodes, the predecessor of Lobanovsky, took off right at the break, held on 4 October home match, “Dnepr” against “Spartak” from the Yellow Water. Dnipro, the gates of which defended a future national team player Vladimir Pilguy, and the midfield played the best football Union 1966 Andrey Biba and future champion of “Dnepr” by the number of matches in the Championships of the country Roman Shneiderman, “burning” – 0:3. The match, incidentally, ended in a draw – 3:3.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, because the Rhodes in several games was formally registered as the chief, but the fact remains: in mid-October 1968, Lobanovskiy was in Dnepropetrovsk. The entry in the employment record of the appointment of Valery Vasilyevich as being chief coach of football team “Dnepr” southern machine-building plant named after L. I. Brezhnev dated 16 Oct.

However, this order somehow signed 01.11.1968.

A beautiful legend said that Lobanovsky, just finished playing for Shakhtar, ran the train with the Director of “Yuzhmash” Makarov. However, much more probable is the version that Lobanovsky was recommended by Makarov Vladimir Vasilyevich Shcherbitsky, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Dynamo fan and dnepropetrovskin.

Promised support and asked to provide a young professional’s full cooperation. Makarov long thought and agreed.

31 October 1968, Valery Lobanovsky made his debut as coach of the team

DNEPR – METALLURG KB – 2:2 (2:0).

Goals: Grinko, 24 (1:0). Sergeev, 28 (2:0). Timofeev, 60 (2:1). Latin, 72 (2:2).

“Dnepr” (Dnepropetrovsk): Pilguy, Danovski (K), Sergeev, Kanapatsky, Grebennik, Grinko (Sizov), Schneiderman, Vic. Litovchenko (Rykun), Biba, Krechevsky, Snitko.

Metallurg (Moscow): Guzenkov, Kobelkov, Timofeev, Platonov, Tebelev, Nikul’nikov, Kikin, Gecko (Voronin), Taradin, Latin, Yutkin (Zinchenko).

October 31, 1968. Dnepropetrovsk. Stadium “Meteor”. 8000 spectators.

There are familiar names. Dnipro, in particular, Valerii Rykun – 18-year-old midfielder Junior national team of the USSR. Alas, it was not opened truly, but raised the son of Alexander.


Dnipro in the season spent another two matches played in a draw 0:0 with Saratov “the Falcon” and won 2:0 in Voronezh “Work”. Took a second subgroup of the second group of class A (all sub-groups in the precursor to the first League was four), skipping the “Metalist” and “Shipbuilder”.

Nikolayevets played in “pulque” for the right to go in the first group (the highest League), but did not succeed. Made their way to “Uralmash”.

But already in the following year 1969 in the final “pool” played with “Dnipro”. Started great with a victory over “Zalgiris” – 1:0, but then lost to “Spartak” from Ordzhonikidze – 1:3 and drew with Khabarovsk SKA.

Evil tongues said that some experienced players just handed the game to the Russians. Not like, say, improving, believing that the elite personally for them is not there. But it was just journalistic chatter. Although the requirements Lobanovsky was high even then. Here’s what he wrote in “the Infinite match”:

“When we began to suffer defeat at the start of the championship, many people have explained them as young coach of little experience, and the desire to establish themselves rife, that drove the team. We trained a lot, right, to the extent possible in the spring, but within reasonable limits. Although overload was inevitable, but severe fatigue players were brought in, because we combine high load with pauses for rest.

Where I was known the optimal load? First of all, from my own experience. In addition, from the medical research. And, finally, of the required each coach qualities – intuition.

The first year of stay in the “Dnepr” has convinced me (with the conviction remains to this day) that the most attention coaches should focus on tactics. In it are hidden are those additional reserves that allow game to strengthen the power, increase the class.

In fact, many teams have made excellent achievements in physical training, significantly increased technical skill is attained – when successful, when not – the mysteries of psychological settings, a strong quenching of the players, but the tactical poverty and monotony teeth on edge…”


In 1970, “Dnepr” lost the Pilguy, who replaced Yashin lion visor is not Kiev and Moscow “Dynamo” (it’s a question about the “omnipotence” of Servicego). And with Viktor Bannikov did not happen. Typing in “Dnipro” form, the former Kiev before the start of the season he moved to the Moscow “torpedo”.

Certainly the departure of the forward to the world Cup in Mexico was affected for his absence Dnipro suffered two defeats. In the end, not enough a little to catch up took the first two places “Karpaty” and FC “Kairat” (Kazakhstan yielded only difference).

But it was a strategic retreat. In 1971, the coveted milestone was finally overcome. The superiority of the “Dnepr” and the Moscow “Locomotive” over the others was indisputable. The withdrawal of the “Dnepr” in the higher League Lobanovsky and his assistants, Anatoly Arkhipov and Alexander Petrashevsky received the title “honored coach of the USSR.”

In 1972, debuting in the Premier League, Dnipro finished sixth, behind just one point from second and third teams – Kiev and Tbilisi “Dinamo”.

In 1973, beating in the fourth round thanks to a goal Basil Labica Dynamo Kyiv – 1:0, Dnipro briefly soared to first place. This game has another beautiful legend. Maybe a true story. Supposedly the coach of “Dynamo” Oleksandr Sevidov said after the match Valery Lobanovsky in elbow brushing, whether seriously: “In my place, mark?”

As in water looked…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine