Claudio RANIERI with a trophy for the Champions of England 2015/16. Photo: Reuters

In the traditional rubric “SE” tells of the coach who was fire, water and copper pipes, and yesterday was appointed coach of Fulham.

In October, Monaco have shown interest in Ranieri. The Italian was already working here, bringing the club from a small Principality from the second division to second place in the elite.

He is familiar with Daniel subašić and Andrea Raggi, left in Monte Carlo. He works great with young, allowing the club to earn huge money on the sale of Anthony Martial.

About such trifles as the experience on any level and win the championship in the English Premier League with “Lester” and say, probably not worth it.

In the end, “Monaco” Claudio is appointed Thierry Henry, who has never worked as a head coach and has earned its reputation mainly to the performances on the Sky.


Perhaps this story best describes coach Ranieri. Always very professional, smart and kind, he was underestimated by others on unforgettable the principle of “a Good man, but not the eagle.” Eagle, a graduate of “Roma” may not have been – but how many people prefer the Italian, turned out to be soap bubbles and caliphs for an hour.

It will soon be half a century since, as the Italian tifosi know about Ranieri. In Roma pupil is not appreciated, but he made a good career in “Catanzaro” – a frequent guest of the series And in the seventies. From Rome, Ranieri went to Serie B, but rose from the now almost forgotten team in the elite and have played at the highest level in six seasons. Cost Ranieri to leave “Catanzaro”, as the club through the year has flown and settled in the lower divisions, where it remains to this day.

The rest of career of the football player Claudio spent in the “Catania” and “Palermo”, and the start of a career coach is probably to loop the theme of football on the Italian Islands have taken the “Cagliari”. Under the guidance of Ranieri the club from Sardinia went from the third division to the elite, after which the coach received the invitation in “Napoli”. The team only lost their God by the name of Diego Armando, the coach brought in a season, with Fiorentina later won the first trophy in more than a decade.

…And so on and so forth. Almost all the clubs that have seen Ranieri, he has demonstrated an outstanding level of work. Almost invariably from the eighties to the tenth years inclusive, Claudio seeks the harmonious progress of the teams, the disclosure of youth and spectacular performance. A consequence of this, 764 match in the top divisions of Italy, England, France and Spain, an invitation from the giants second-hand Championships all these countries.

But why second hand? Why Ranieri did not receive and is unlikely to receive an invitation from Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern? Why Juventus, Atletico Madrid and inter called him for a deep recession? Why, even from Monaco, he was dismissed after a second place in the championship, extracted from (!) after his release from League 2?


Let’s be honest: Claudio is very bad how to sell themselves. It is neither in one second career do not deny importance to any team of players compared to coaches. He never stuck out his services. As a true Roman, he kept strictly and dignity, avoiding familiarity towards the fans. Probably, until 2016, Ranieri was called a genius even his family.

Modern football is still not just a sport. Television, the papers were still to be desired of interesting stories, striking statements, high-profile scandals. This is normal: bright people dim Eclipse, not only in sports. But presidents and club owners often make decisions on emotion – and, as a consequence, I prefer sparkled just smart, professional and talented person. As if just to be so “simple”…

At the time, Jose Mourinho accused Ranieri that he during the work in England have not learned even how to be in the local language “Good morning.” Maybe it was so – but Claudio with the native Roma barely lost to a much stronger composition inter Mourinho in the title race.

Their rivalry is almost a canonical confrontation between the provincial and Metropolitan residents. Setubal spent a lifetime trying to prove to the world his greatness, the Roman and so he knows what it takes and don’t even answer most of the barbs Jose.

At the next stage of a career, Claudio hit the “inter”. The team barely came to himself after the resignation of Gianpiero Gasperini, habitually gained under the guidance of Ranieri, began to climb higher in the table… And then collapsed again, and the coach was fired. The fact that he was injured Wesley Sneijder, and the Italian began to break old patterns in order to implement the star of the team.

Did Claudio leave the Dutchman, who almost won the year before, “Golden ball”, in stock? Could at least finish this season without any fundamental changes in the “start”? Technically – of course, Yes. But Ranieri was never and will not put their interests above the interests of the players. Coach after all, and need to show your maximum. And if the city of high fashion, a more direct view of things played against Claudio in an English province, he allowed him to go down in history.


The season-2015/16 in the performance Ranieri is a master-class football coach in the team. The previous coach took “Lester” in 14th place, but gave a good finish to the season and was fired just because of the football scandal. Claudio needed to improve, without spoiling, to introduce new players, not letuchev “chemistry” among the old.

Christian Fuchs and N Golo Kante started the season on the bench, and Leicester had a good start without them. Then Ranieri was planned to bring newcomers to the base and “Fox” put victory on stream. Appeared game balance, the ability to play differently – in this case will not go away the team’s attacking potential, and fearlessness, lack of reverence for big names even increase.

Leicester harvest-2015/16 struck first and foremost by the diversity of the bouquet. Ranieri did not break the team and players through the knee, and were making progress before our eyes. When “Fox” was missing in every match, Claudio was not satisfied with tantrums, and with a smile promised a pizza for matches to zero.

Pizza players ate in front of journalists and then began churning out “cracker” “cracker”, demonstrating the second part of the championship’s best defence the Premier League.

If the part of “Lester’s” what was remarkable is the outcast. It turned out that the different players have not approached other clubs: Robert Huth didn’t need Chelsea Kasper Schmeichel – Manchester city, N Golo Kante due to the low growth was ignored all the giants, and Mark Albrighton rejected, God forgive me, “Aston Villa”. Now relate this to the biography of Ranieri. They didn’t have the chance to work together.

Amid well-deserved like coaches Albion’s Claudio looked genius who came to teach a master class. This “Lester” could destroy Everton, having put thirty shots on goal, and then to give very dry, an indoor match at the Manchester Grand.

That each of the wards Ranieri was ready in good season, to die for the result, needless to say. But I understand what it is to die, they were ready and in their lower divisions. Ranieri taught them how to win matches.


Claudio has achieved with “Lester” of the title, and six months later was dismissed. Just this resignation raises questions less than many: “foxes” began to lose match after match, really risked to fly – and, in General, the change of coach seemed the easiest way to solve the problem. Although “simple” does not mean “correct” and a significant part of claims cost to address the management and players…

But that all claims to the imperfection of the world, their voice is meaningless. Another question: someone heard complaints or insults fired his boss? This situation is quite possessed: it was Ranieri, not someone else, struck Lester on the football map of the world – and was dismissed at the first crisis. But Ranieri has continued to remain professional, made the decision the President came to his funeral when he died tragically. Any coach can be sure only that it will sooner or later be dismissed as old as football, the truth.

Starting from the moment when Roma sent the player Ranieri in “Catanzaro”, and ending with our time, Ranieri always knew his place. At the time of departure from the examples of Atletico”, and at the time of the championship “Leicester” Claudio was still an intelligent intellectual. To reach the top is difficult, not to lose the human form in moments of UPS and downs even harder.

Of course, Claudio has worked with many iconic players already mentioned Sneijder and Gianluigi Buffon Juventus are worth. But perhaps the mix of players sensational “Lester” with any other players would be wrong.

First, there is no guarantee that such players would work with any of the superstars. And besides – to bring the players before getting into the story much better than just to work with Sneijder or Buffon.


Yesterday Ranieri was appointed in London Fulham. The last place in the Premier League, 31 goals conceded in 12 games is the reality ruthless to the Italian. But probably the players, “truckers” was excited to hear what coach will work with them. With such a man at the head of inevitably believe in miracles…

Vitaly PASICHNY, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Born October 20, 1951

Playing career: as Roma, “Catanzaro”, “Catania”, “Palermo”.

Coaching career

1986-1987 “Vigor Lamezia”

1987-1988 “Puteolano”

1988-1991 “Catania”

1991-1993 Napoli

1993-1997 Fiorentina

1997-1999 Valencia

1999-2000 atlético

2000-2004 Chelsea

2004-2005 Valencia

2007 Parma

2007-2009 Juventus

2009-2011 “Roma”

2011-2012 inter

2012-2014 Monaco

2014 Greece

2015-2017 Leicester

2017-2018 “Nantes”

2018 – present Fulham

Trophies (as coach):

1 English Premier League (2015/16)

1 Cup (1995/96)

1 Italian Supercup (1996)

1 Cup Spain (1998/99)

1 UEFA super Cup (2004)



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