The same friend from the Emirates with a man, “similar to the President of FFU”.

The national Agency for countering corruption believes that the combination of Andrew Pavelko posts people’s Deputy of Ukraine and head of the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of posts in the Executive and controlling bodies of FIFA and UEFA is a flagrant violation of the law.

Meanwhile, the proceedings against the President of the football Federation opened the National anti-corruption Bureau, the National police and the Prosecutor’s office. According to him, the Declaration of false information, unlawful enrichment, misappropriation and embezzlement of property and abuse of power and official position.

…Older people who watched not only the Comedy and shooting should remember the phantasmagoria of Karen Shakhnazarov’s “City zero”, filmed in 1989 and shown in what theater of the absurd we lived.

More chic episodes, but I remind you one. The main character played by Leonid Filatov (he also has the role of a former football player with documentary footage of Valery Lobanovsky the match of veterans of the 1980 film “Women joke seriously” – but now not about it) arrived on a business trip to the provincial plant.

In the “waiting room” of the Director’s office sees absolutely naked Secretary at the typewriter. Going to the reception, says the Director, played by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan:

– You’ll forgive me, But your Secretary is there… uh… sits, completely naked.

– As Nude?

– Well, naked. Naked.

– In what sense?

– Absolutely. With no clothes on.

– What you say!

The Director comes to the door to the waiting room. Peeps:

Yes. Do. Naked. So we have a chief engineer?

Here we have so. Do steal. So what’s next?

And in the film the refrain is: “You will never leave our city…”


Are countless journalistic investigations of “curly grass” and questionable tax returns of the President of FFU Andrew Pavelko. Yes, there is no financial component episodes in the work of the bosses of the Federation was missing. The scandalous adventures of the Champions Cup, “outrageous dogovornyak” (not my words, but a senior FFU) with the participation of “Mariupol”, a dubious diploma other senior officials, surprising solutions to the FTC, the transfer of the match the team from the Dnieper to Turkey…

Chalk that one up to incompetence?

And the financial part…

The investigation of Alexander Kurbatova “League football corruption” for the program “Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusan”. Fresh material Alexander Ostapenko “rent for $17,000 a month, “Bentley” and the Maldives: undeclared spending MP Pavelko” for the same program. The global investigation has been a football journalist Konstantin Andriuca “Operation “Federation” on ZIK TV channel, “Radio Liberty” – “the offshore stuff. Pavelko, United Arab Emirates and corruption in Ukrainian football”. Plus a whole series of publications of the Swiss investigative journalist Arnaud Trouble…

The TV channel “inter” on November 8 in the plot of the program “Details” said Pavelko may be involved in the appropriation of $ 26 million state of the Bank “Rodovid”…

First in response to this sounded invariably smug: “Everything is fake” – and by putting themselves in front of a group of Federation officials with mandates, Pavelko continued in the same spirit. Do not remind you of this: “We will stand behind women and children”?

But this, of course, not the kids…


The essence of the charges, recall, is briefly as follows. In the fall of 2017 in the village Besides Boryspil district was opened belonging to the FFU plant for the production of synthetic surfaces for football fields. The total investment amounted to ten million euros, the implementation of the project became possible thanks to the support of FIFA and UEFA. To produce artificial turf was a commercial organization “FFU Production”, which is part of the Federation.

According to the source, last year the state budget of Ukraine (Pavelko is the head of the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada) has identified “FFU Production” 270 million hryvnia (about 8.6 million euros) for the construction of artificial fields. Added to this is the money from the local budgets – the total amount was about 500 million (17.9 million euros).

That was followed by a number of tenders, and the winning contractors signed contracts for construction and the contract to buy a synthetic cover and a special baby they could only have plant, belonging to the FFU, who immediately suspected of inflating prices.

According to a source, the same products of the foreign manufacturer can cost two times cheaper. Such organization of work immediately interested law enforcement agencies.

To understand they have yet another corruption scandal associated with the FFU. This time the case concerns the construction of the plant, which is now artificial turf. The source claims that at the time of purchase of equipment for the plant from the budget of the FFU brought about a million dollars through offshore.

Pavelko personally fly to UAE, where the company was registered-laying of S. D. T., the meeting with her supervisor (submitted photo). This firm is laying bought equipment in US, UK and Germany and sold it to the FFU, with an approximate margin of 20 percent.

Finally, according to the Declaration, available in the Unified registry, Pavelko no own apartment, no car, but a social network of its civil wife in Ukraine are attracting more and more attention. 25-year-old unemployed girl with a daughter and lives in Kiev in a rented apartment cost 17 thousand dollars a month, resting in the luxury hotels in the Maldives and Mauritius and rides donated her birthday Bentley Continental (price over 100 thousand dollars).


Journalist Artem Frankov and lawyer Oleg Skupinski decided to bring all the stories together and, to classify, to present to the public. Wanted to remind (and remind, no matter what!) about the Emirati firm-laying, the details of the schemes of theft from state and local budgets, doubts about the actions of the notorious plant…

The press conference began and went on as usual until such time when the screen was not shown a photograph of a smiling Andrei V. Pavelko no less pleased with himself Sheikh. Thus Sheikh, representative (and maybe owner) of the firm, spin, assure investigators, at least 20 percent of the cost of artificial grass.

The very existence of the company Pavelko initially denied. Later, however, tried to make it clear that other exit was not. It cannot be otherwise, not used. So, when it came to the photos in the hall there were people in balaclavas (one who identified himself as Igor, however, face is not concealed) and tried to disrupt the press conference with the adding of the leading yogurt and long allowing you to continue.

Later still retreated, perhaps fearing the arrival of the police, which is already very long did not go. And came – someone seems to be detained…

It’s funny that FFU hastened to disown aunts, although, in General, no one not directly accused. Guessed. One of the Vice presidents, saying, a great expert on this matter…

At the press conference we were reminded that in may the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NAPC) has decided to study the tax returns of Andrei Pavelko: “NAPC adopted rsena about holding povnij Pervak schodo chotiroh sub CTW deklarowanej, Sered yakih narodnih two deputies, in particular Pavelko Andriy vasilovich, people’s Deputy of Ukraine VIII slikanja, 2015, 2016, 2017 rocky…”

Then, in July, took a month. What? And nothing – continue to learn.


National anti-corruption Bureau took up the matter in June:

“Podopleka, scho detective NABU has rozpoczeli Rosslyn for facts, villagename in zvernennyah gromadskikh organsare public presi schodo Mogilevich sloviany of sluzbowa osib zakonodaja wykonawca Glock Vlady, pdsla NABOO, when Velen koshtiv that zakupivli Costa sovereign budget robt that the hotel iz budownictwa futbolny polv zi will stochsim pocitam. Poperedni legal qualia – article 366-1, part 3 of article 368-2, part 2 of article 364 Kriminalnogo code of Ukraine”.

Criminal proceedings against Pavelko at the 191st article of the MCC (Assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position) is brought also in the national police and Genprokurature.

In the case of the National police opened under part 5 of article 191 of the criminal code (Actions committed in especially large sizes or organized group).

In the GPU case against the head of the FFU was opened under part 3 of article 191 (Actions made repeatedly or on preliminary arrangement by group of persons) and part 2 of article 364 of the MCC (Abuse of power or position that caused grave consequences).

Besides, as he said at a press conference Oleg Skupinski, a request was made to the National Agency on preventing corruption in connection with the nomination of Andriy Pavelko in the committees of FIFA and UEFA, which with such fanfare in the spring was heralded by the controlled media.

“NAPC has provided a definite answer about the impossibility of combining the mandate of a national Deputy of Ukraine with the positions in the Executive and controlling bodies of FIFA and UEFA. Therefore, the illegality of the combination,” said Supinski. And immediately presented proof – a detailed response to four pages.

However, he noted: the reason for the application of NACP has been a possible violation of anti-corruption law by the FFU Executive Committee the nomination in March 2018 candidates Pavelko for the position of member of the UEFA Executive Committee…


Investigate will probably be long, but expect at least some response from the Pavelko. Including the alignment. Andrey may, of course, to say that in Switzerland against his alignment and “craft my me quit impossible.” However, we have it – a violation of the law…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine