Chong Se-Kyung

Photo: The National Assembly of South Korea /

South Korea, where the day registered only eight infected COVID-19, removed some of the restrictions imposed during the active spread of coronavirus infection, said Sunday the Prime Minister Jeong Se-Kyung, reports “Interfax”.

“Safest to maintain intense social distancing, but really it is not so simple. We need to find a middle ground”, – he said during the meeting government officials.

The Prime Minister added that “if we are able to maintain a stable management on the current level, then since 6 may we move on to “routine social distancing”. This will restore normal economic activity while respecting the necessary precautions.

The relief measures include the recovery of services in churches and conducting athletic competitions, but without the fans.

The government has extended measures of social distancing for 16 days. Residents are still asked not to leave their homes, closed sports, entertainment and religious institutions.

The decision of indulgences was accepted after Sunday, health authorities announced the increase in the number of infected people over the past day eight. For the first time in two months, the increase was limited to single digits.

As of Sunday, according to the American Johns Hopkins University, which monitors the spread of infection in the world, in South Korea, the prevalence was 10 661 people died in 234.

Although daily gain of infected in the country continues to steadily decline, quarantine service of South Korea noted the relatively large number of cases of contamination from an unknown source. According to the TV KCDC, over the past two weeks, doctors were unable to trace the cause of infection in 18 patients.