Silver medalist of world championship in modern pentathlon in the Russian team Uliana Batashov told about the first acquaintance with the horse.

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“It was like a child at an amusement Park: “Wow! Horse!” For a complete happiness was only cotton candy on a stick to buy. But fear not for sure. Although the horse is, of course, scary. In that unpredictable mode. Very scary sometimes to see how other members go. So I try not to watch other people’s performances”, — told RT Batashov.

She noted that the size of the horse has for it special value.

“I no longer feel itself a horse, its skill, the handling, not high or low. There are huge horses that the obstacle is not even close suitable, and there are short stacks that are ready to jump! I was constantly told, as we were in Egypt: it was so small the horses that the guys legs was hit by the obstacles. If the horse is really cool trained, it becomes dangerous even a little to stop her — you can shoot down. But in General horses we have accustomed that they are working with different riders,” added the athlete.

Earlier, the skater Kostina said that it intends to buy a horse.