Polish police finds out circumstances of death of the participant ATO Mariana Milevskogo with Ternopil region.
Marian served in the Donbass in the composition of the medical battalion

Zolotnyky in the Ternopil region buried 28-year-old ATO Mariana Milevskogo (“Marik”). He died in Poland, where during the year was working.

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The guy was found hanged in the forest on the outskirts of Warsaw. Before that, he has three days to come to work, friends sounded the alarm, reports Police took only a few hours to find the missing. To identify the body in a neighboring country went to the kid’s mother. Lviv volunteers, with whom Marian was friendly, helped with shipping the body home. At the man’s funeral was attended by his counterparts from all over Ukraine. From 2015 to 2016, the year Marian served in the Donbass in the composition of the medical battalion of the “Hospitallers”.

Before the war he worked as advertising Manager in the East when fighting broke out, he volunteered. “Can’t live with myself, knowing that the enemy is killing Ukrainians…” – explained his decision. At the present time in the war his younger brother Yuri.

“Marian passed the hot spots, he returned to Lviv, about a year in our volunteer center helped with sending medicines to the East, conducted the training. At the same time, himself took the adaptation in a peaceful area, looking for work, – the volunteer told Elena zivko. In Lviv it was difficult to find work, so went abroad. Was in Poland for about a year. Worked in a hotel in Warsaw. When a few days he came to work, started searching for him. The police found him on the side of the planting of the inanimate”.

Versions of the causes of death are few, while the result did not provide a final conclusion. At first thought that Mariana was able to kill and stage a hanging, subsequently began to tend to the version about suicide. Now carry out the necessary examination, which will establish, whether there was on his body the marks of violence, ultimately, will determine the exact date of death. Investigators seized stuff that was Mariana, all of this will also be investigated.