Bicycle helmet Lumos was one of the first “smart” helmet for cyclists. And recently the developers have submitted an updated version – Lumos Ultra.

The helmet is equipped with an integrated headlight, taillight and led turn signals that are activated wirelessly using the remote control installed on the steering wheel.

New features include larger vents and extra sun visor. Helmets will be produced in several sizes. They are equipped with MIPS technology, which is designed to protect from head injuries.

Lumos Ultra has protection against rain class IPX6. This means that its owner is not afraid of rain, striking from either side. The battery of the helmet is charged via the USB-C cable. A single charge lasts about a week of normal use.

The battery level can be monitored with apps for iOS/Android, which can also be used for mode settings, flashing. Price Lumos Ultra on pre-order is 75$.

Source — Kickstarter