One of the consequences of a pandemic quarantine was an increased demand for home exercise equipment and in particular, “smart bicycles”. The latter can be connected to platforms like Zwift and Sufferfest to make voyages on virtual routes, real spinning the pedals at home in front of TV screen. And now fans of such recreation have the opportunity to race with the wind through the world of GTA V and its largest city Los Santos.

This became possible thanks to fashion GTBikeV that allows you to connect smart bike to the game. Their interfaces are combined and you can control your character in the game, just pedaling and turning the steering wheel. In turn, if playing the track goes uphill or hero starts shaking on the bumps, the bike a realistic measure should reflect this. It turns out the journey and training at the same time.

Players are several routes around Los Santos, they can also choose mode free exploration of the virtual world. You can even pass the game missions, albeit with difficulty – there are available only a single mode. Besides, for shooting will have to pick up the controller, while managing the bike with other parts of the body that will require some skill. However, the huge and densely populated inhabitants of the world of Los Santos is worth it.

Source — CyclingTips