UZHGOROD-KIEV. May 2. UNN. Officials GU Gosgeokadastra in the Transcarpathian region suggested that a private entrepreneur to involve in corruption schemes ATU soldiers who received plots of land in Volovets district of Transcarpathia for sale this entrepreneur. About this on his page in the network Facebook said the representative of the GPU Andrei Lysenko, reports UNN.

“… Pre-trial investigation found that in mid-February of 2018 to the employee of the Main Directorate of Gosgeokadastr in the Transcarpathian region was approached by a private entrepreneur about the acquisition or allocation of land for free in the property for the construction of the ski slope and hotel on the territory of Volovets district, Transcarpathian region”, – wrote A. Lysenko.

As possible to the land was not an employee of GU Gosgeokadastra in the Transcarpathian region offered the businessman a way of obtaining ownership of land.

“In particular, the entrepreneur needs to find four people – participants of the ATO, from which to obtain power of attorney for representation of their interests, with the aim of further free allocation in property of specified individuals agricultural land outside the village, 2 ha each. After being allocated the plots, it will be possible to change their purpose, and further, after registration of a legal entity, it is possible to buy these plots and use them for their own needs,” – said the representative of the GPU.

Its services for assistance in obtaining land plots of se Gosgeokadastra in the Transcarpathian region was estimated at 270 thousand dollars.

“2 may 2018, after receiving the second part of illegal benefit in the amount of 117 500 USD two accomplices were detained by law enforcement officers. These persons prepared suspicious transaction reports under part 4 St. 368 criminal code of Ukraine – obtaining official unlawful benefit on preliminary arrangement by group of persons in especially large size. The issue of electing a suspect measure of restraint in form of detention and removal from office,” – said Lysenko.

At the same time, as we found out UNN from its own sources, in fact, was arrested one of the officials of the Department of Gosgeokadastr in Volovets district. The leadership of the regional Department still carries out its duties. The land in question in a corruption scandal, is near the highway of international importance “Kyiv-Chop”.

Previously known that the said territory still lacks any infrastructure.

We will remind, in the management of Gosgeokadastr in the Transcarpathian region denied information about the detention of the leadership of the office on a bribe of 200 thousand dollars.