Employees of the security Service of Ukraine held another successful special operation to prevent the terrorist activities of the Russian special services on the territory of our country. About it reports press-the SBU center.

So, in the river there was a seizure of a band of three people who were from the criminal environment and worked closely with representatives of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation. One of the detainees is a criminal authority nicknamed Aryan, a resident of the occupied Crimea. According to the SBU, all three detainees were related to the preparation of terrorist attacks in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Poltava and Zaporizhia regions: 18 times reported about the mining and burning buildings with people in these regions.

During the search of the detainees were seized an Arsenal of weapons and firearms with permits, as well as a significant amount of money: 200 000, 20 000 $ and 3 000 euros. Also, the staff of SBU withdrew the cartridges for weapons, grenades, laptops and mobile phones with information about the terrorist attacks.

Now all seized items were sent for examination: in the case of a guilty plea arrested could face from five to fifteen years in prison or life imprisonment according to article 258 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (terrorist act).

Earlier, we reported that the counterintelligence of security Service of Ukraine detained another agent of the Russian special services. It appeared to be the General-the major of SBU Valery Devils.

This man was held in the operational documents of the FSB under the name of solitary man. It was supervised by an officer of the Russian intelligence services Igor Egorov.