Revealing the identity of the possible Creator of bitcoinSatoshi Nakamoto/Photo from the website

The alleged Creator of bitcoin got in an accident on a motorcycle in 1995

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One of the main developers of the first code of bitcoin, and later the main developer of BitPay Jeff garzik’s said in an interview with Bloomberg that the image of the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is the computer security expert Dave Kleiman, who died in 2013.

“Behind the code of bitcoin was unprecedented smart man, but he was not a classic engineer with education. Kleiman was self-taught, and the code meets the coding style,” said garzik’s.

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The possible Creator of bitcoin got in an accident on a motorcycle in 1995, and then was confined to a wheelchair, and in 2013, died from a staph infection.

In favor of the theory of garzik’s is the fact that the brother Kleiman Ira in February 2018 has filed a lawsuit against Australian Craig Wright, who proclaimed himself the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Ira Kleiman said that Wright unlawfully appropriated intellectual property of his brother and a million bitcoins. As evidence in court, he provided correspondence Dave Kleiman Craig Wright, from which it follows that Dave created bitcoin.

Earlier it was reported that about 7% of all mined bitcoins in the world are stored on servers of the company Xapo. A server located in the Swiss mountains in a gated former military bunker. The price of this amount of cryptocurrencies is estimated at $ 10 billion.