Fighting Pavelko, Surkis went on to discredit not only for the FFU but also the UEFA – EU Today

KIEV. 16 Nov. UNN. This summer, the highest ruling body of the European football Union (UEFA) tried to draw in a huge scandal. Western and Ukrainian media have published information that UEFA supposedly “funded corruption in Ukraine”. British journalists conducted its own investigation and found that all charges against UEFA and the football Federation of Ukraine are untrue, reports UNN with reference to the EU Today.

The newspaper reminds that in early August, 2018 the Swiss magazine L Illustré published an article entitled “Dangerous liaisons with the League”. The author of this article is a citizen of Switzerland Arnaud Trouble.

“Arnaud Trouble told the Europeans that if the money allocated to UEFA for the development of the Ukrainian youth football was spent on the construction of a commercial plant producing artificial turf for football fields. Also, the Trouble told readers that “the leaders of Ukrainian football” by the company with the UAE “pocketed” 20% of this money”, – writes the edition.

Also, according to Trouble, the commercial plant producing artificial turf for football fields, is “mystical” because it exists only in words, write the journalists.

“Ondeko, today observers from Ukraine and Western countries began to doubt the honesty and openness of a Swiss journalist. Arnaud Trouble was never interested in Ukraine and never wrote about it.

In fact, Arnaud Trouble just repeating information that is actively disseminated in the Ukrainian media a little earlier. Hundreds of articles with the same titles and statements – all this is in the nature of a well-planned information campaign against the leadership of the FFU and UEFA”, – notes the edition.

In the situation decided to investigate British journalists. Working on a documentary “Muddy waters”, they came to Kyiv, where he met with officials of the football Federation of Ukraine, representatives of so-called “mysterious factory”, which produces artificial turf for football fields, with children’s coaches in football and, importantly, local journalists, says EU Today.

According to the President of FFU Andrew Pavelko, factory exists and is operational. The Federation has built this factory using his own money from selling the rights to TV. Information about what to plant construction, the FFU used special funds to programs Hat-trick (the target program of UEFA for the support of children’s football – ed.) is false, said British journalists, the President of the FFU.

In addition, according to the journalists, was not confirmed and the fact that corruption is associated with the company from the UAE, mentioned before Arnaud Trouble. FFU gave British journalists a letter from the company, Polytan, the text of which indicates information about what Polytan recommended “FFU Production” to buy in this organization the necessary equipment for the establishment in Ukraine of a plant for the production of artificial turf for football fields and playgrounds.

“Actually, preparing for the investigation, the Swiss journalist was able to obtain the same information. But, oddly enough, he didn’t ask FFU any comments, thus probably violating journalistic standards of eligibility for the explanation.

Instead, the Swiss journalist continued to cover the topic of the so-called “corruption in FFU” in the Ukrainian TV channel “112”. Later, his interview has spread to other Ukrainian media”, – stated in the investigation by the British journalists.

He Pavelko knows “who and why is trying to discredit him,” the newspaper writes. This he told the British journalists. But the names of the initiators is not called. Along with this, British journalists believe that it is Grigory Surkis, and the war for the seat in the UEFA.

“The previous head of FFU Grigory Surkis works on the Executive Committee of the governing body of European football since 2004, but on the upcoming elections in UEFA nominated FFU Andrew Pavelko,” reads the material.

“In February 2019 expire Surkis, UEFA. That’s why it’s easy to assume that his desire to be re-elected to a leadership position in UEFA this is the reason why huge information campaign against the current management of football of Ukraine. This is an attempt to put pressure on Andrey Pavelko and force him to refuse participation in elections of UEFA, thereby offering the candidacy of Surkis”, – emphasized British journalists.

Also, the publication reported on the recent documentary “Muddy waters” was presented in London, and its Ukrainian version will soon be broadcast on national television.