The members of the Committee on health of the Verkhovna Rada held a meeting in Kharkiv. In the end, 6 decisions have been made that should facilitate the provision of quality health services in Kharkiv region and the country as a whole.

About this in Facebook wrote the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Granovsky. A proposal to hold a meeting, he appealed to the members of the relevant Committee of the Parliament which found it necessary to support such an initiative. “The concerns of specialists in each and every region of the country, most often on the quality of the medical reform, its timely and effective implementation, increasing the level of wages, legal protection for doctors, healthcare funding in 2019-2020, After what he saw and heard during the visit, I promised to do my utmost to raise the questions of Kharkov oncologists at the Central level, at the level of specialized medical Committee of the Verkhovna Rada”, – wrote the MP, stating that a month and a half ago, he visited a visit to the Regional cancer centre.

In Kharkov there arrived deputies Konstantin Yarynich, Iryna sysoyenko, Andrey Shipko, Igor Shurma, Alexey Kirichenko, Alexander Belovolov, Sergey Melnichuk, Alexander Granovsky, Tatiana Donets and Igor Shurma. They visited the regional war veterans hospital, regional hospital, Kharkiv regional perinatal center and emergency medical center.

The Committee adopted several important decisions:

– on the necessity of development and approval of the national program against oncological diseases in 2019-2020;

– the need to ensure financing of the state budget in full amount of medicines for cancer patients (the need for cash is 2.97 billion UAH.);

about necessity of realization of the program “Emergency medical services” in all regions of the country (the need for cash is 11 billion UAH.);

– the need for the allocation of funds from the state budget of Ukraine for the construction of a new cancer center in Kharkiv.

– about the need to support the decision of the Kharkiv regional administration on establishment of a single district hospital in the Kharkiv region.

– feasibility study of the experience of the Kharkiv region in terms of organization of services rendering of emergency medical aid in other regions of Ukraine.

“Do what you can no matter what. I’m sure this is just the beginning,” writes Alexander Granovsky.