The article of the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin “75 years of the great
Victory: a shared responsibility before history and future” was used quote
Adolf Hitler.

Public activist Igor Petrov drew attention to these
words: “Hitler stated bluntly: “Our policy in relation to the peoples,
inhabiting the wide open spaces of Russia, should be to encourage
any form of discord and division””.

He noted that Putin was not the first who used this
quote. Moreover, these words are in hundreds of sources, ranging from the time
Of the Soviet Union.

However, in the original edition of 1951 of the authorship of Henry Picker,
which allegedly refers to these words of Hitler, “on page 72 or on
previous 71 or 73 in a subsequent, similar quotes there.

“Note also spicy detail: the Russian President quotes
the book was included by the decision of Pallasovskiy district court of Volgograd region
on July 19, 2010 the Federal list of extremist materials.

The closest in content quote in the book Picker sounds
in Russian translation:

“And therefore, ruling over conquered us
the Eastern lands of the Reich Nations, should be guided by one primary
principle, namely: to provide open space for those who wish to use
individual liberties, to avoid all forms of state control and the
to ensure that these peoples were at a low level
cultural development”,” – says Petrov.

But in 2019, the historian Mikael Nilsson has published a great
the article is devoted to the analysis of the book Picker. In his opinion, mentioned in the publications
quotes Hitler inauthentic. The scientist recommended that to treat the book with
careful to not introduce quotations from them as literal statements

As previously reported, in his long article about the Second
world war Putin hinted Western partners on the need for revision
the existing world order and forget about a military confrontation in favor of
the preservation of peace and security guarantees.

Julia Bulyga