In Atlanta, protesters set fire to the restaurant, which police shot and killed Reichard Brooks

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Richard Brooks

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Eric Shields

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The death of African Americans in Atlanta (GA) as a result of conflict with police at the Wendy’s restaurant on Friday provoked riots, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Fox 5 Atlanta. Protesters on Saturday torched the restaurant itself and within 45 minutes blocked off the road. Police had to use tear gas to disperse activists.

Law enforcement officers on Friday evening got a call from the complaints that the car in which slept the man, blocked part of the playgrounds at fast food restaurant Wendy’s. Arrived at the scene, police asked the 27-year-old afroamerikaner of Rashard Brooks Park your car by the rules. Then Brooks passed a breathalyzer test and found that he was drunk.

Brooks resisted the police when arrested, and one of them pulled out a Taser. The man grabbed him and tried to use against one of the police officers, then fled. The police opened fire. African American from the received wounds has died.

After the incident one involved in the conflict, police was dismissed, the second is suspended. The chief of police of Atlanta, Erica shields, resigned. On Saturday in Atlanta the protests began.

Earlier a wave of protests against racism and police brutality across the country had resulted in the loss of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis during the arrest: one of the policemen pushed the man with his knee to the ground in the neck and would not let him, despite complaints of lack of air. Later the victim died in the hospital.

The slogan Black Lives Matter is already picked up by activists in other countries, including France and the UK.