On the day of the death of a famous Russian singer Yulia Nachalova on the Internet was published the last video with her participation, where she performed the song during the broadcast on one of the Russian channels.

The footage was posted on social networks and has caused grief

In the video, a fragment of the program “one to One”,
Nachalova which parodied the singer Angelica Varum.

“One to one: the Last room of Yulia Nachalova,” accompanied by a video published to his user.

Journalists report that the singer died in a clinic
Moscow the day before, on Saturday. Nachalova died in a coma: she
not regained consciousness since last Monday.

The media could figure out that the singer suffered from diabetes,
which significantly influenced the health of the singer.

One to one: the Last room of Yulia Началовойhttps://t.co/sL1uqg1zLg pic.twitter.com/7erPhPoGHL

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) 17 March 2019.

We will remind, the father of Nachalovo broke the silence and said that he had hastened the deaths of his daughter.