UNIAN reminded of the history and traditions of the holiday, as well as understand how best to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Kiev.
March 17 is celebrated St. Patrick’s Day / REUTERS

Around the world on 17 March every year is celebrated the traditional Irish holiday – St. Patrick’s Day. On this day the Irish honor their Christian patron, but for the whole world, this day was also a day of Irish culture and boisterous celebrations.

Read takinogawa in the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: holiday traditions

St. Patrick’s day is accompanied by parades, noisy celebrations and dancing, an important part of which were traditional Irish Ales and Beers.

UNIAN reminded of the history and traditions of the holiday, as well as understand how best to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Kiev.

Saint Patrick – history

St. Patrick became one of the most famous and revered Christian saints, he is considered the patron Saint not only of Ireland but also Nigeria. At the same time, it honors not only Catholic, but also a number of churches of the Eastern rite and the Anglican and Lutheran churches.

Despite this, accurate biographical data about Saint Patrick not well preserved. It is known that he was born in Britain in the period between 371 and 415, for years, in a romanized family of a deacon of Calpurnius.

At age 16 he was kidnapped by brigands and sold into slavery in Ireland. For 6 years he was kept in slavery as a shepherd. At this time, he finds faith and becomes a fervent Christian.

In the end, with her prophetic dream Patrick managed to escape and return to her family. But then he saw another dream in which God revealed to him his mission to bring Christianity to Ireland.

Then future Saint went again on foreign shore, where for many years he baptized people and preached their faith. At the same time he was engaged in self-education. According to legend, Patrick used the Shamrock clover to explain to the pagans the essence of the Holy Trinity.

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to pagan Ireland /

The day of the death of the Saint is considered to be March 17, but significant year of death unknown. His mission in Ireland has had unprecedented success, and by the seventh century he becomes a legendary figure.

Many, thus, questioning the fact that Patrick was a real person. It is assumed that this folklore character is a collective image of Christian missionaries who went to Ireland in the second half of the V century.

However, most of the known data about Patrick taken from his works in Latin: the biography “Confessions” and incriminating “letter to the soldiers of king Korotich”, where he criticizes the poor treatment of British with Irish Christians. Thanks to these works, Patrick is honored as the founder of Irish literature.

Traditions on St. Patrick’s

St. Patrick’s day, despite its rich history, became the official Christian only in the XVII century. This is one of the greenest festivals in the world, because green is the Irish national. The participants of the festivities try to use green color in the clothes and is also attached to the cuffs of clothes green Shamrock.

Though St. Patrick’s day and falls on the post, in this day, the Church removes all restrictions in eating and drinking. Traditional celebrations of Saint Patrick, it is impossible to imagine without an abundance of booze, music and dancing.

In the XIX-XX century, the Irish started to emigrate and create a Diaspora around the world. Thus the tradition to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day has gradually spread around the world.

St. Patrick’s day is accompanied by noisy festivities / REUTERS

Worldwide, the St. Patrick’s Day is perceived as a day of Irish cultural heritage. Some of his symbols are the Celtic mythological characters – leprechauns. According to legend, these little creatures always keep somewhere a pot of gold. If the leprechaun can catch, then he can ferret out the mystery of the hidden gold. But use caution – leprechauns are cunning and vindictive, it is not difficult to deceive the too trusting person.

In St. Patrick’s Day hosts ethnic festivals and national Irish demonstrations.

St. Patrick’s day in Kiev

St. Patrick’s day is a perfect time for lovers to spend time in pubs. Many of these institutions are preparing for the holiday special menu and live entertainment.

One of the trends of the last years on St. Patrick’s Day has become a holiday green beer.

This year the capital will host a charity beer race St. Patrick’s Day. The cost of participation in the event is 300 UAH. Participants will run 10 km.

In addition, on March 17 in Kiev will be held the traditional parade. The gathering of everyone scheduled for 15:00 near the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

Participants are encouraged to bring Irish flags come in a green dress or a kilt. The entrance is free.

In Docker Pub on March 17 will play Kyiv group O Hamsters. Aesthetics and music perfectly fit the theme of the Irish festivities.

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