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The Tasia Perchikova hunted for request to give my mother a tractor

17.03.19 192500

In December 2018, 12-year-old Tasia Perchikova from the village in the Pskov region wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he complained of a tiny salary my mother, who works in a hospital.

The story of Tasi Persikovoe said “jellyfish”.

“I love very much. Please give my mom tillers and compact tractors. It is much appreciated. We would have more beds. And mom less had to work with a shovel after duty, almost to the loss of power. My mom hard. I will be very grateful if you call me and I will you myself to tell you,” wrote Tasia President of the Russian Federation.

She asked the President to help, but only received a response from the local authorities, who said that “help is not possible.”

The family began receiving parcels of baby clothes and stationery, and people transferred the money on the card. Collected 90 thousand rubles family bought equipment for the garden, books, clothing, and medicine.

The villagers noticed the parcel and started to call the girl’s mother “stupid upstart”. “Here we are, too, as you live, and nothing suffer,” — says few. Children in the village stopped being friends with Tasia, and some have threatened that will shoot it on video and laugh.

From Tasi have not been friends, even to talk was not with anyone, and the house barely showed only one Federal channel, so my mom bought her a cheap TV.

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In January, the TV channel “Russia” has released a story stating that the family “caught the fancy downshifting movement” and “introduced “pepper” to the heartland”.

In February, the girl was given a laptop for school. Then a strange boy wrote to Agree with “Vkontakte”, made compliments, offered to meet and asked to send him “Nude pictures”. 12-year-old girl sent that photo.

Soon the photo appeared in many communities in social networks. Fellow villagers told the mother Taci “Be the same as all. We just have to all live as they can and no one asks, because it’s useless, because stoned”;

Materials of check for decision-making on excitation of criminal case on pornography sent to the Investigation Committee.

Then mom Taci called unknown and said, “if you don’t understand once, the next time the daughter is torn from ear to ear”. The hospital staff began to write her complaint. March 13, she quit.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • Boryspil court of Kyiv region ruled in the case of bullying. This is the first in the history of Ukraine judgment in respect of such unlawful acts.

  • January 18 in the parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” published the Law on countering bullying.
  • Sixth grader Joshua trump, who during the presidential race in the United States persecuted in school because of his last name, was invited to the Congress, at a meeting where the keynote speech was made by the President of the United States Donald trump.