The headquarters of the environmental protection introduces a restriction in connection with the distribution of the world epidemic of coronavirus Chinese COVID-2019. Using PPC will not be able to pass persons with symptoms of a viral infection.

By order of the commander of OOS on KPVV of Donbass are limits on the spread of coronavirus COVID-2019. This is stated in the official report of the operations of the United forces, made public on Facebook.

The restriction will begin to operate at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 7. The reason was the spread in ORDA respiratory diseases, which are believed to be caused by coronavirus.

All persons crossing the demarcation line will be inspected for symptoms of viral infections. In particular, will be temperature screened.

Persons with fever, cough, runny nose will be limited to the passage of KPVV. Thus, people ARDLE just send it back. And people who are registered in Kiev-controlled areas, will be hospitalized. To do this, each item has an ambulance with trained medical personnel.

The headquarters of the EP called on Ukrainians to refrain from visiting the “L/DNR” unless absolutely necessary, while in the world a raging epidemic COVID-2019. They assured that controlled by Moscow, the occupying power of Donbass will not be able to cope with the Chinese coronavirus as medicine in ORDA actually destroyed. Now there is an acute shortage of doctors and medicines that is recognized even by the separatists.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the Ministry of health announced the beginning of combat coronavirus in Ukraine: named first bans.

We also wrote that because of the coronavirus in Ukraine, want to ban a mass event, and to suspend study.

In addition, the who issued a disappointing forecast for the onset of coronavirus in Ukraine.