On the photo Philip, together with Alla Pugacheva. Both are smiling, and the Diva even let her ex-husband publicly made liberty – took the singer in the chest.

Judging by the frame, the gesture of the former actress fell in love, Pugachev’s hand axe is not removed, only slightly threw his head back and smiled.

Under the photo sparked heated debate, subscribers interested in the reaction to such a passionate photo of the star husband Maxim Galkin.

“I wonder what he thinks Galkin about this photo”, “Pugacheva and Kirkorov are happy”

“How passionately he looks at the Pugachev”, “this couple”, “are They back together” – write in the caption to the photo.

Earlier social networks were admired pictures of “home” Pugacheva. Frame in the Network leaked Maxim Galkin. The comedian showed how the artist looks outside of the stage, many users were pleasantly surprised.

Recall, the Internet was struck by archival photos with Pugacheva, which showed a seriously ill composer Igor Krutoy. In today’s life, the artists look different – both touched on the changes.

We also wrote about the secrets of the “private life” of the prima Donna. The actress has told his followers how many times a week is enough to make love, to be in good shape.