Solidarity pension in Ukraine is unlikely to be canceled and
will continue to exist in parallel with a funded system. On such variant of development
events in an interview to “RBC-Ukraine” said Prime Minister Denis
Smigel. He is confident that the Minister of social policy Marina Labaznaja that worked
under Yanukovych, will be able to change the system.

According to him, he often holds talks with her and finds
the format of the mixed system all over the country. The Prime Minister explained,
that the solidarity pension will be the basic benefit, but savings can be
remove immediately after retirement. Or stretch for a few years.

However, while the government employs current best practices. So
from budget planning to allocate additional cost of 500 hryvnias to pensioners over 80.
The period of quarantine will increase payments to 1 thousand hryvnias and will hold
the indexation of pensions.

Smigel convinced that the Cabinet will be able to raise pensions to
normal levels in the near future due to the withdrawal of workers from the shadows and
raising the minimum wage.

Prior to this it was reported that this year Ukraine will
to be another recalculation of pensions for the elderly and poor people.
Some of them fall under the increase to pensions in may of this year, but many
additional payments do not apply.

Earlier it became known that one thousand hryvnias which the pensioners of Ukraine, the government has promised to pay during the quarantine, to the addressees come
only after a decision of the Verkhovna Rada.

Recall that six months will increase the retirement age for women in Ukraine since April 2020. After seven months, it will change and
requirements insurance experience is required to obtain full employment