In the party “servant of the people” broke out, a new scandal: the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky lashed out at a colleague Nikolay Tishchenko and tried to spin the scandal, which allegedly threatened Tishchenko of the Ukrainian blogers Lily bakirovoj. Dubinsky has published a systematic communications with critical statements in the address of Tishchenko. Dubinsky insulted and tried to humiliate his counterpart.

Dubinsky also tried to spin the scandal in the party chat “public Servants”.

However, it was later revealed that Tishchenko has nothing to do with the scandal bakirovoj.

On his page in the social network, he was forced to admit that he had been the victim of orchestrated attack.

“Nikolay Tishchenko became the object informatici. Obviously associated with the local elections in the capital. The story of the threats to the girl-blogger, which many believed was srezhissirovannyj. I often criticize colleagues if I think the criticism is deserved. But in this case, questions to Nikolay Tishchenko definitely not,” Dubinsky wrote on his page in the social network.

Former MP and journalist shared details of a boycott by the ruling party, their odious colleagues in the faction.

At the same time ex-MP Sergei Leshchenko believes that “public servants” Maxim Buzhansky, Alexander Dubinsky and Anton Poles together with the blogger Anatoly Shariy staged a “coordinated attack” on the government of President Vladimir Zelensky.