Pandemic COVID-19: the amount recovered in Spain during day three times a new cases, in General 24.2 thousand victims

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KIEV. April 29. UNN. The number of victims of coronavirus pandemic disease COVID-19 in Spain was last night 325 people in total killed more than 24.2 thousand people. This is evidenced by official data of the Spanish Ministry of health, said UNN with reference also to the newspaper El Pais.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus has reached more than 212 thousand people including in recent days found 2 144 new cases of infection. It should be noted that Spain has begun to clarify the number of cases COVID-19 using PCR tests.

Since the beginning of the epidemic died 24 275 people (including a day — 325, the index rose compared to the previous day), and 108 947 fully recovered, of which 6 399 last night — an absolute record for the time of the outbreak. The number of people on intensive therapy of MZ Spain has ceased to publish, as not all Autonomous communities have reported the same numbers.

The largest number infected in Madrid (60.7 thousand persons) and Catalonia (48.6 thousand). Many infected people also in the Basque Country, Andalusia, Castile-Leon, Castile-La Mancha, Valencia. Least in the African cities of Ceuta (101) and Melilla (114 cases).

The Minister of health of the Kingdom of El Salvador, illa said earlier, as passed the Madrid newspaper La Razon that in Spain it has passed the peak COVID-19. He also stressed that the growth in the number of cases recovered was 6 percent, and the fact that the number of deaths increased by only 3%.

“This is the data that allow us to confirm that we have already passed the first phase of the epidemic, reaching a peak,” he said, thanking the Spanish citizens for the observance of the restrictions.

Also, a group of scientists from the Institute of health Carlos III in Madrid believes, as he wrote to El Pais that the new type of coronavirus might circulate in Spain in mid-February. According to the virologist Jose Alka, “Spain was not a single “patient zero”. “According to information which is today, we believe that (the virus) came to Spain at least 15 different ways,” added geneticist Fernando gonzález candelas.

Statistics from the Ministry of health of Spain, as of April 29:

Datos sobre # COVID19 en España, desde el primer caso inicial, actualizados a hoy 29 de abril:

Confirmados por PCR 212.917
Fallecidos 24.275
Curados 108.947

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Briefing regarding the situation with COVID-19 Spain:

Field hospital IFEMA in Madrid, March 31 2020: