The Hong Kong-based Chinese company Blackview offers users the latest development, smartphone Blackview BV9100, the main feature of which is the battery with the unique capacity of 13,000 mAh, which is four times more than the Apple iPhone 11.

These characteristics allow to use BV9100 even as powerbank for charging other gadgets. His energy power to match the strength and waterproof: protection class IP68 suggests, it can withstand immersion under water.

Electronic filling consists of a P35 chipset Mediatek Helio, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, three 16-megapixel cameras (from Sony and Samsung) with Android OS 9.0 Pie. Along with another record – Energizer Power Max P18K Pop weight BV9100 is an impressive 408 g and the dimensions are 171,28 x 80,2 x 19,45 mm.

Adapter BV9100 30 watts of power is one of the most powerful on the market. According to Blackview, it can charge a smartphone in just three hours, which is a great achievement in itself.

Source — Blackview