Pandemic coronavirus from COVID-19 in Germany died already 2 969 people, more than 125 thousand sick

KIEV. April 14. UNN. The number of infected by coronavirus in Germany reached 125 098 people, according to the Robert Koch Institute, said UNN with reference to the relevant publication.

Per day recorded 2 082 new cases of the disease. The number of deaths has increased to 170 people and now is 2 969 people.

Most patients was in Bavaria (33 569), North Rhine — Westphalia (25 300), Baden-württemberg (25 040). In Berlin marked 4 668 cases.

The Robert Koch Institute maintains statistics on morbidity in the country, but its data are published once a day and different data from the media, leading your counting. The Institute management explained these differences “temporary bug” and the need to bring together the official records of the regional offices.

As noted earlier, the Christian Drosten, who heads the Department of Virology at the famous Berlin Charite clinic, he is one of the main medical adviser to the government of Germany, in an interview with Die Zeit in Germany failed to recognize the flash at a very early stage: in two to three weeks earlier than in some other countries. This was brought about by large-scale diagnostics.

Briefing regarding the situation with COVID-19 in Germany: