The best sniper in the history of the National hockey League (NHL), Wayne Gretzky gave the captain of the Washington capitals, the Russian Alexander Ovechkin your stick used in the game.

  • Reuters

“Obviously, everyone knows I’m an avid collector of Golf clubs and I have nearly a hundred. After dinner, in 2017, I asked Wayne, “can You give me a game stick? I don’t know you have it still or not.” He said, “Yes. Win the Cup and I’ll give you the stick”. We won the Stanley Cup, and I told our press attaché that I need to stick Gretzky, because he promised it to me. When I finally got the stick, I was happy like a little kid receiving a Christmas gift. She is now in my collection” — quoted Ovechkin RMNB.

The Russian won the Stanley Cup with the Washington capitals in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that Ovechkin will compete with Gretzky in NHL 20.