After several hours of silence, Yulia Tymoshenko commented on the renewal of the Declaration, according to which the leader of “Batkivshchyna”
become a dollar millionaire.

On his page on the social network Facebook Tymoshenko
said what is really on declared nearly 150 million hryvnia, which
received as monetary compensation for the damage caused by political
repression 2011-2014.

Tymoshenko said that she was able to achieve
justice and prove that the prison in 2011-2014 was “political

She stressed that under Ukrainian legislation,
immediately displays the income in their Declaration.

“According to the law, I immediately
declared earned income. Other details from
legislative regulation in the US legal restrictions on business”,

she said.

However, social networks until the end and did not understand
who exactly and for some reason, Tymoshenko has paid such a significant amount.

Previously Leshchenko noted that Tymoshenko confused and not know how to komunicirati this question.

Tymoshenko became a dollar millionaire and made the Declaration of a large sum of money, which in terms of is 150 000 000 UAH.