Today, may 4, at the meeting of the operational headquarters
annexed Crimea on the fight against coronavirus so-called “head
Of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov finally admitted that the Peninsula is much more
infected with coronavirus than say the official sources.

He says that on the Peninsula are testing only
those people who come to hospital with symptoms of SARS. Aksenov stressed
the coronavirus can be carried by people without symptoms.

“Head of Crimea” stated that the Peninsula can expect
the negative scenario of suppression of coronavirus, if the increase in the number
infection appears more severe cases, then begin to ache the doctors themselves.

Feldman notes that infected much more
the possible collapse of the health system and the chances of such a scenario is sufficient
high. Recall that, according to official figures, on the Peninsula, only 111 people with
confirmed coronavirus.

We will remind, in March in connection with the universal isolation due to
widespread outbreaks of coronavirus in Russia “the head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov
urged Russians not to come to the Peninsula. He assured that necessary

Earlier it was reported that up to 95 million cubic declined stocks
fresh water in the occupied Crimea. It is even less than half of the volume
a year ago. Experts predict that the Peninsula is at risk
“to dry thoroughly”.

Prior to that, the former German Chancellor Gerhard schröder claimed that Russia
will not return Crimea to Ukraine even after the departure of Vladimir Putin. In this regard, he
urged the West to lift sanctions against Russia. He was assured that the Peninsula will return to death